Highlighting Campership Recipients

2016 - The Roughing It Foundation awarded 3 Camperships in 2016

2016 CampershipOne of our 2016 camperships was awarded to a local foster child. She had never experienced a lot of the activities she had the opportunity to try while at camp and she came to camp very afraid to try new things. She learned a lot, allowed herself to trust her counselors and peers and ended the summer with new friendships and an appreciation for many activities she was previously too scared to attempt. She established a special bond with one of the camp horses and found a passion for horseback riding while at camp even though this is not something she had ever done or even considered before. Her counselors and foster parents were amazed at the personal and social growth that took place in just a few weeks at camp and are excited to see the happiness and confidence the camp experience has brought out in her.

Testimonials from Campership Recipients

A donation to the Roughing It Foundation gives children of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to attend camp and provides them with an experience that will last a lifetime. Read testimonials from previous campership recipients and their families.

Thank you for making camp possible for our son. It is such a wonderful experience. My son transformed from a shy kid to a confident person in the first camp year. Every year he grows more.
-Amanuel Zerit, Gideon, 5th grader and 5th year camper; Oakland
I believe that Roughing It is the best thing that could have happened to my children.... my kids have learned so many new things, grew as people and made great friends.
-Siobhan Rideau-Jones, parent of LeiLoni (CILT-4th year camper) & Javari (B4-3rd year camper)
My kids had an AMAZING and MEMORABLE summer month at Roughing It Day Camp. They enjoyed every minute of horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, sports, crafts, environment and so many other activities. From the moment we picked them up, they would not stop talking about all their adventures, new friends and FUN they had. I appreciate all the counselors for their nurturing ways, which has allowed my kids to grow into more self-confident, responsible and respectful people. Thanks for another awesome year!
-Lorena Espinoza-Marquez, parent of Daniel (CILT) & Jessica (7th grader)

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