Roughing It Foundation Camperships

Each year the Roughing It Foundation provides full or partial scholarships that allow children to attend Roughing It Day Camp or other all outdoor ACA accredited camps in Northern California. Children are selected by school counselors, therapists, and social workers in the San Francisco and East Bay Areas for Roughing It Day Camp and other camps in the Bay Area.

The Roughing It Campership

Camperships are awarded to children of a variety of backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to afford one of Roughing It's camp programs. We seek families who want their child(ren) to continue to attend Roughing It summer camps for a number of summers in order to maximize their camp experience. Most camperships are for 4 or 8-week sessions of Roughing It Day Camp because children learn and grow the most from longer camp sessions. Camperships for the one-week Outdoor Explorers Program are also considered. All Roughing It camperships are fully paid scholarships and are awarded in the spring of each year.

Equine Sponsored Campership

This is a partial campership to be used for a child to attend Roughing It Day Camp or Horse Day Camp. This campership is funded through horse donations to the Roughing It Foundation.

Camp Krem Campership

A full campership is given to Camp Krem to use for a deserving child to attend their camp. Camp Krem is a special populationís residential summer camp for children and adults in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The Roughing It Foundation

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